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Drinking Bowls for Sheep and Goats
Drinking Bowls for Sheep and Goats
Pasture Drinkers for Sheep and Goats
Heated Drinkers for Sheep and Goats

Drinking Bowls for Sheep and Goats

The following gives you a summary of the SUEVIA drinking bowl range for sheep and goats. In this category you will find drinking bowls which are made of high-quality cast iron, plastic or polyethylene. For free stalls we can offer you a range of heated and frostprotected troughs. Also for pasture animals you will find a selection of various water supply systems.

Our cast iron drinking bowls are equipped with a high-quality enamel coating, which guarantees a long-lasting, optimal and hygienic surface protection. Also the plastic we use is carefully chosen for uses that involve animal keeping and is constantly quality controlled. When using our drinking bowls for sheep and goats, we would draw special attention to our drinking bowl Model 370 and Model 375 with drink inducer. In order to guarantee that young stock is brought up in a healthy manner, it is necessary that they learn to drink enough water independently at an early stage. Therefore on Model 370 and Model 375 we have located a small enticement basin behind the tube valve. Young animals, which have not yet learnt how to activate the valve can lap up the remaining water out of the enticement basin. With time they will drink water from this bowl and automatically learn how to use the easy to activate tube valve. An early, independent and sufficient water supply is guaranteed this way.

Alternatively drinking bowls with float valve, offering constant water level to the animals, such as drinking bowls in special plastic AQUATHAN Model 130P, or in cast iron and enamelled Model 340 or Model 350 are used. In all of these cases the animal does not need to operate a mechanism to access water. In this case you can also choose between a plastic bowl Model 130P Model 130P-N (for low pressure) or the enameled, cast iron drinking bowls Model 340 and Model 350 as drinking bowls with float valve.

We also supply solutions for free stalls which guarantee reliable water supply even in extremely cold (minus) temperatures. You can choose from a selection of heated drinking bowls Model 43A, Model 46, Model 340-H and ISO-Drinker Model 6620 (each with installed heating), or Thermo Source Drinkers, which do not require electricity.

For the frost protection of the pipes and connections above ground we offer a large range of frost protection heating cables and heating units for water circuits.