Drinking bowls for piglets
Drinking bowls for fattening pigs
Drinking bowls for sows and boars
Drinking bowls for sows with piglets in the farrowing pen
Heated drinking bowls, heating units, frost-protedted drinking bowls for pigs
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The following describes our range of SUEVIA drinking bowls for pigs.
In this category you find drinking bowls, which are either made of high-quality cast iron, stainless steel or special plastic. We also offer a large range of nipple drinkers, spraying nipples and various pin valves. Our troughs have been developed on the basis of our long-term experience and cooperation with leading research institutions.

Enameled cast iron drinking bowls produced by SUEVIA have been in use for the pig keeping for decades and are well known for their
  • robustness
  • long life
  • stain-resistance
  • hygienic surface texture.

Over the last few years the program has been extended with different stainless steel models. We place special emphasis in designs that protect the drinking bowls against soiling. By using tube or pin valves dirt traps are eliminated. The service and the cleaning of drinking bowls can be done quickly and simply. The activation of the valves is easy and quickly grasped by the animals.

Especially for fattening pigs apart from proper drinking bowls, nipple drinkers are popular and are liked to be used in addition to the drinking bowls. The installation height of the nipple drinkers should be approx. 5 – 10 cm above the back height of the animals, so the pig's neck is stretched upwards when drinking.

Water flow can easily be regulated and adjusted in an optimal way to meet the needs of the animals on both the SUEVIA drinking bowls and SUEVIA Nipple drinkers by means of the regulation screw actuated from outside or by nozzles in the valves. Despite good adjustment possibilities nipple drinkers show a significantly higher water loss potential due to the animal´s tendency to play with the valves. This in turn results in more slurry.

An optimal water supply is an important foundation for a healthy animal and
lays the cornerstone for a successful venture. Choose now the type of drinking facility yourself, which will best suit your needs!